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      Cold Catering Luncheons
      MICHAEL Vs 

      Cold selections              

          Prices vary 10.95-12.95

Per person


Tossed Garden Salad

String Bean Salad

Potato salad

Tomato & Red Onions

Macaroni Salad

Tri-Color pastaSalad

Caesar Salad

             Grill chicken Ceasar* 

        Pasta salad With tortellini

        CHICKEN  Joanne salad* 
Mixed  salad mozz peppers 

             Baby Spinach  Salad                  w red onion  tomatoes and olives 

Assort Sandwiches on trays / salads
            Call for choices and specials

            Cole slaw / pickles side 

              Mescaline mix salad 

College  *lunch  package and individual packed lunches and dinners. Prices vary depending on food selections and quantity/ cold boxed lunch specials  $ 12.95 to (hot ) w hot cold 2 choice / cookie / chip /  salad / bottle water 
15 person minimum. Pick up 
Delivery chg extra for drivers

The buffet lite lunch special. 3 hot tray w cold sandwiches and salad 
   $ 14.95  - 20 person min order /pick up  w paper goods included 
We can design your menu selections 

  Sandwich trays 59.95 to 79.95 
      W Customer choices 


Charge additional  for per person please call for additional pricing **

Credit card up charge additional 

Billing special accounts must be approved first before delivery 
      E mail      Mvern1104@aol.com

Chicken cutlet sandwiches* 
Assorted Subs/   
Turkey swiss subs 

Eggplant sandwiches 

Prosciutto & Mozzarella Platter* 3.

Italian Antipasta Platter*2.

Deli meats  turkey and cheeses

Assorted Cold Cut Platter

Shrimp Cockail Platter* 3.

Fruit Salad .* 

CheesePlatter (chunk                                 

Mozzarella , Tomato & Peppers

Specialty Salads

Tortellini Tri color 

Italian Salad

Shrimp coctail $*3.

Mozzarella & Peppers 
with tomatoes 

        Seafood salad- scungili mixed *3. calamari- shrimp 


Mix Seafood Salad3.00*

Mixed Crab & Shrimp Salad*

Tuna & Chicken mayo base Salad

Tri Color Salad with Walnuts,Cranberry, and Pears*

With Spinach 

Michael Vs

Call for any questions 

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Anti-pasta salad with cut up Italian cold cuts, proveloneb, olives ,red onion ,Grape tomatoes rst peppers cucs  79.95

Fruit platter sliced 69.95


Grilled Vegetables; *includes mixed zucchini, portobello mushrooms eggplant and mix peppers  69.95

    COLD BUFFET  package 

          $ 10.95 person             15 person minimum - pick up at restaurant  
Cold Catering cold cuts  or Sandwich platters  w 2 basic salads  choices /  potato, pasta macaroni, slaw, toss salad  / paper goods and utensils 10.95 -  12.95  extra 

      HOT BUFFET package  

     Basic buffet package.              4 hot selections  2 cold Salads  bread paper goods and utensils - 25 person minimum * additional cost for upgraded selections $*
delivery's  sterno and racks set up extra charges / we try to keep prices low , but with increasing prices of supplies take out and sternos we are forced to charge additional cost ! 

            $19.95 person
           Our top seller 

6 Hot selections  1 Cold platter selection  2 cold Salads           All utensils paper plates and condiments-  bread                      -       40 person minimum 

             123 mangia!  

Email.  Mvern1104@aol.com

    Voicemail call  Anna V

     Fax 973/ 759-5924

MANGIA FAMILY ~ Deluxe.                                                       $.        29.95 to 39.95.            

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