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Michael Vernotica 3rd founder of the company. Michael  learned to cook at a young age from his grandfather and mother, using old school Italian recipes that he was taught by his family .
Anna Vernotica owner ,has assisted running the buisness since opening. Handles catering orders and cooking and preparation. With michelle and mike v 
Family Cooks  ,Joanne ,Michelle, AnnaV , MV,  front end Aunt patty,Uncle Rocco stock  ,  
Michael Vernotica Jr.; mgr waitstaff and partyprep and and IT specialist / scheduling   
Friends helping  :,Freddo ,Laurie,Vic , phones alarms eggplant 🍆 John 0  
Joe V and Jen Vernotica; family deli cater and sand-section . Security and control 
Nicky Vernotica. kitchen deliveries /security . 

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