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Catering package Prices

1 . HOT BUFFET: $13.95 / Person - 4 Hot Selections /2 Cold Salads 25 Person Minimum
Includes: Italian Bread,Paper Products
2. COLD BUFFET: $9.95 / Person - Assorted Cold Cut Platters/or Sandwich platters w/3 Salads, Pickles, Peppers, Condiments & Paper Products / 25 Person Minimum
3. HOT & COLD BUFFET: $15.95 / Person - 4 Hot Selections, 2 Cold Salads & 1 Cold Platter or Specialty Salad / 25 Person Minimum
4. DELUXE BUFFET: $17.95 / Person - 6 Hot Selections, 1 Cold Platter /Specialty Salads & 2 Cold Salads / 40 Person Minimum
can add hot selections *substitute cold platters

additional charges for buffets
*Additional charge of $2.00 will apply for buffets if under minimum people*

Appitizers Available / Food also sold by Full Tray or 1/2 Tray
*Additional Charges are Per Person*
Veal +3.00 Seafood + 3.00 top sirloin roast Beef+2.00 Spare Ribs 2.00

call for prices or specialized menus and Additional prices on /Salads / Platters - can be sold by tray

We are not responsible for sterno fires 🔥 must be supervised by customers
*5.00 Rental Charge Per Rack & Pan * Minimum 1 Pasta Selections for Buffet*

*25% deposit required at least one week in advance to secure time & date (non-refundable). Food selections and final count are final one week in advance. Schedule Delivery! 25.00 Setup required 1 hour prior to party. Rental deposit required for trays, urns & baskets (5.00 each) which must be returned to us within one week unless otherwise arranged. Sales tax & $gratuities not included. Paper products are included with buffets. Tablecloths available at an additional charge.

Looking for something extra ! $ Ask about or NEW MANGIA DELUXE Buffet! *$27.95 person / with 4 hr service waitstaff and 1 hr set up and break down service! 6 choice hot selections plus 2 pasta selections 3 Cold salads/ cold specialty platters . Fresh top Quality/ w quantity/Variety/ 40 person min.

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